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For Dental Professionals


Super-concentrated Dentanet

Offer your clients the best option for professional daily maintenance with no risk of damaging the dental material at a very competitive price. Dentanet is a super-concentrated cleaner that removes tartar and stains. Add 15 ml of super-concentrated Dentanet to water in a denture bath, covering the dentures. The mixture can be kept for one week, and it is crucial to brush the dentures every time with the foaming product before placing them into the denture bath. It is also very important to brush the dentures under running water after removing them from the denture bath. Dentanet is not harmful to acrylic, metal used for partials, titanium, clear supports, nylon, soft bases, gold, orthodontic appliances, etc.

Available Sizes for Customers

  • 60 ml bottle (sample / travel size, lasts 4 weeks). Available in cases of 36 and 72 bottles
  • 250 ml bottle for daily maintenance (lasts 16 weeks). Available in cases of 30 and 80 bottles (3 bottles for one year)
  • 1,8 l bottle (lasts 120 weeks), ideal size and economical for 2 people
  • Z-28, a Formula for Ultrasound

A formula intended for professionals (25% stronger than regular Dentanet) that is ideal for ultrasound.
Use undiluted in a beaker to remove tartar, stains and even plaster after heating.
Use a 50% diluted solution in a beaker for general cleaning after polishing. Z-28 gives you one simple and effective concentrate for all of your denture cleaning needs!

Available Size

3,6 l jug


Dentanet – Foaming Product

The new Dentanet foaming cleaner, designed to clean any type of dental material, is finally available. This daily foaming cleaner is gentle and non-abrasive. The Dentanet foaming product cleans, prevents stains, bacteria, sediment, and tartar build-up.

This is an exclusive and competitive product distributed only to dental professionals. Offer excellence to your clientele for a lasting relationship. This super-concentrated foam is an excellent natural and biodegradable soaking product. With the purpose of being as eco-friendly as possible, a 250 ml refill is also available.

Finally, another excellent natural and biodegradable product at Dentanet.

Available Sizes for Customers

Duo (521 doses)

Box of

  • 8 pumps, 8 refills or
  • 16 pumps, 16 refills or
  • 40 pumps, 40 refills

Model Boxes
Small gestures can make a big difference. This box allows your patients to store their individual trays, their final models and their old dentures. They’ll be able to save on the repair cost on their next dentures, avoiding having to redo their prints. Most importantly, as a dental professional, this box will save you time and materials.
(Minimum order of 50 boxes)

Denture Brushes
Having good tools is important. With this soft bristle brush, your patient will be able to properly clean their dentures without damaging the finish. The non-slip handle will ensure a firm grip and the narrow head will facilitate the brushing of the intrados. Personalize the brush with the name of your clinic and its coordinates on the handle. Your patient will have the right their fingertips.
(Minimum order of 200 brushes)

Custom Bags
Looking to stand out and gain visibility? Print the name and contact information of your clinic on the DentaNet Eco Bags. When your patients use these beautiful bags, they are also advertising on your behalf. The unique size of the bag (10'' x 10 '' x 4 '') is very practical.
(Minimum order of 250 bags - available in navy, red, black and white)

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