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Une prothèse dentaire et les produits Dentanet

DentaNet, the best solution for the maintenance of all types of dentures

A Super Concentrated Cleanser for Your Dentures in Quebec

Looking for a solution to keep your dentures fresh? DentaNet offers a super concentrated cleanser and foam for all types of dentures throughout Quebec. 

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DentaNet Super Concentrate

Among a variety of methods and products available for soaking dentures, DentaNet is considerably more effective than any other existing product and has no adverse effects.

A Comparison

When an effervescent tablet is added to water, it releases a lot of oxygen that destroys both odours and food particles. Although these cleansers provide a good amount of oxygen, they are unable to remove tartar. There is a huge difference between removing food particles and actually removing tartar.


Brushing with a paste to clean dentures only removes particles and odours. Moreover, a brush cannot fit into every space. Paste and jelly cleansers are useless for removing tartar and must therefore be combined with a good soaking technique like DentaNet.

Dentanet dental products

How to Use DentaNet

When DentaNet super concentrated liquid is combined with water, the active agents soften the hardness of the water, if required. When 15 ml of DentaNet super concentrate is added to water (in a denture bath), it is ready to do its job. If necessary, the concentration can be increased. Ask your dental professional for more information.


This mixture can be kept for a week, so it is very important to brush the dentures with the foam each time before putting them in the denture bath. It is also very important to brush the dentures under running water when you remove them from the bath. The solution dissolves granular deposits, stains, odours, particles embedded in the spaces and, above all, it removes tartar.

Simply the Best: DentaNet!

Unlike powders, DentaNet does not limit you to a 15-minute soak, it allows you to soak overnight. For all these reasons, DentaNet far outperforms other denture cleansers.


Use DentaNet super concentrated and foam regularly. This way you will always have fresh and clean dentures at a very competitive price.

A Revolutionary Super Concentrate

Developed by an experienced denturologist, DentaNet is a cleansing liquid for dentures of all types. Keep your dentures clean and fresh with an exceptional liquid that removes food particles, odours and tartar.

A Product Designed by an Expert

Developed by an expert in 1993, the DentaNet formula will not harm acrylic, metal, titanium, nylon, dental materials or orthodontic appliances. The product is easy to use and is suitable for both private individuals and dental professionals. Moreover, it is completely biodegradable.

DentaNet – Foam

Dentanet Foam products

The DentaNet foam for brushing all types of dentures is available. The foam is a gentle, non-abrasive daily cleanser. DentaNet foam cleans, prevents stains, bacteria, lime and scale build-up. This is an exclusive and competitive product distributed only to dental professionals. Treat yourself to excellence: the foam, just like the super soaking concentrate, is an excellent natural and biodegradable product. In order to be as eco-friendly as possible, a 250-ml refill pack is also available.


Another excellent natural biodegradable product from DentaNet.


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