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For Dental Professionals Throughout Quebec


For those looking for maximum effectiveness

DentaNet Super Concentrate

Offer your customers the best choice for professional daily maintenance without any risk of damaging dental materials, and at a very competitive price. DentaNet is a super concentrated cleanser for removing tartar and stains. Add 15 ml of DentaNet super concentrate to a denture bath with enough water to cover the dentures. This mixture can be kept for a week, so it is very important to brush the dentures with the foam each time before putting them in the denture bath. It is also very important to brush the dentures under running water when you remove them from the bath. DentaNet is safe for acrylic, metal of partials, titanium, clear clasps, nylon, soft bases, gold, orthodontic appliances, etc.

DentaNet products

Formats Available to Customers

  • 60 ml bottle (sample/travel size, for 4 weeks). Available in cases with 36 and 72 bottles

  • 250 ml bottle for daily maintenance (for 16 weeks). Available in cases with 30 and 80 bottles (3 bottles for 1 year)

  • 1.8 l bottle (for 120 weeks), ideal and more economical for two people

Z-28, a Formula for Ultrasound

One gallon of DentaNet

A formula for professionals, ideal for ultrasound.: 25% stronger than DentaNet


Use it undiluted in a beaker to remove tartar, stains and even plaster after heating.


Diluted to 50% in a beaker, it is ideal as a general cleanser after polishing.


Z-28, one concentrate to do it all, simple and effective!

Format Available

  • 3.6 L gallon

DentaNet – Foam

The DentaNet foam for brushing all types of dentures is available. The foam is a gentle, non-abrasive daily cleanser. DentaNet foam cleans, prevents stains, bacteria, lime and scale build-up. 


This foam is an exclusive and competitive product distributed only to dental professionals. Offer excellence to your customers and they will be loyal to you. The foam, just like the super soaking concentrate, is an excellent natural and biodegradable product. In order to be as eco-friendly as possible, a 250 ml refill pack is also available


Another excellent natural biodegradable product from DentaNet.

Formats Available to Customers

Duo (521 doses)


In boxes of:

DentaNet foam products
One gallon of DentaNet Foam
  • 16 pumps, 16 refills 

  • 40 pumps, 40 refills

  • 36 and 90 pumps

  • 30 and 80 refills

  • Mega refill 3.6 L


Our products are biodegradable!

A formula researched and developed by a denturologist in 1993.

Model Boxes

Small things can make a big difference. This box allows your patients to store their individual impression holders, final models and old dentures. This way, they can save on the cost of repairing their next dentures, because you won't have to redo their impressions. But most importantly, as a dental professional, this box will save you time and materials.


(Minimum order of 50 boxes)

A box
A closed box

Denture Brushes

You know how important it is to have the right tools. With this soft bristle brush, your patients will be able to properly clean their dentures without damaging the finish. The non-slip handle provides a firm grip and the narrow head makes it easy to brush the inner surface. Customize the brush with your clinic's name and contact information. You can be sure that your patient has the right equipment... within easy reach.

(Minimum order of 200 brushes)

A brush

Customized Bags

Do you want to stand out and gain visibility? Print your clinic's name and contact information on DentaNet's eco-friendly bags. That way, when your patients use their beautiful bags, they are advertising for you at the same time. Not to mention that the bag's unique format (10''x 10''x 4'') is very practical.

(Minimum order of 250 bags. Available in navy blue, red, black and white)

A bag

Denture Bath

Téléphonez-nous dès aujourd’hui pour connaître nos PROMOTIONS.

Denture baths with baskets allow your clients to soak their denture(s) in the cleaning product, an important step for good oral hygiene. DentaNet can customize the baths for your order with a colour label, which will further contribute to the brand image of your practice. In addition, your customers will always have your name and contact information readily available! Strong and durable, these plastic baths are easy to clean and don't take up much space.

Denture baths
stacked boxes
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